As with Facebook, Twitter is one of the largest social networks in the world and can be an incredibly useful tool to promote work. Again, I have a personal Twitter page but do not have one specifically for my work. However, this is perhaps not the best approach. Hardcore Twitter users tend to follow hundreds of people, so will more than likely simply ignore tweets that only contain a link to a Soundcloud track. I’ve found that the best music-based Twitter pages with the highest number of followers/retweets tend to combine promotional tweets with a more personal “in touch with the fans” mentality.

An obvious example of this is the twitter page of One Direction. Now obviously it is enormously unlikely that I will get the same rabid following as an immensely popular boyband (Harry Styles has over 20 million followers at the time of writing)- but I am still able to gain some tips on how to use Twitter effectively through these pages. Each member of the group has a personal page which is fairly equally split between promoting their music and providing updates about their daily lives. This creates a connection with followers – people enjoy and engage with the human aspects of twitter, and are then more likely to check out promotional tweets.

It is also possible to ‘buy’ followers on Twitter. This is a practice that is fundamentally flawed, as it “sends out a message that your are desperate, inauthentic and that you really don’t get the point of social media.“. And while it is easy to pay for these followers, it is also very easy to spot when people are followed by ‘fake’ profiles.

This is a practice which will almost certainly not help my progress in promoting my brand, and will more than likely send out a very poor message to any potential employers.


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