Concluding Post

From researching these elements of social media, I now have a decent grasp on how best to market my music – for free at first and then leading to commercial employment. First of all, I need to make my work heard, and I have found that the best way to do this is to increase my productivity and listeners on Soundcloud by using tags, free downloads, and creating a more professional looking page. I then need to create a page for my output on Facebook, using it to post updates on what I’m working on, pictures and most importantly links to my music on Soundcloud. These are the primary ways of increasing my audience- but I will also use Twitter to continue posting in the same way, but also including a more promotional push every so often. I will no doubt be using LinkedIn in the future, but I feel that it is most important to develop a grassroots following, which may in turn lead to employment.

Once these goals are achieved, the next steps would be to market my music commercially through outlets like iTunes and Spotify. however, at this point in time, these tools are not financially viable. It is my hope that I will one day see my music reaching a wide audience, and these networks (specifically their interconnectivity) will certainly help to achieve that goal.


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