As the largest and most used social network, it is imperative that I develop a strong presence on Facebook. Facebook has over a billion monthly users, so it is perhaps the largest online audience I can try to tap into. 


As with most people of my age, I have a personal Facebook page which i use to communicate with friends. However, I very rarely share my music on Facebook – which is definitely an oversight when trying to promote my ‘brand’. The way to go forward with this is to create a page specifically to promote and share my music. I will use some of the ideas shown on my Soundcloud post, i.e. using many tags, in-depth track descriptions, a professional layout and cross-media links. There are many specific tools when creating a band/artist specific page which can help each post to reach a far larger audience than people who have already liked the page.

For example, Facebook offers a ‘paid reach’ service, which allows small companies (including bands/artists) to promote their posts as a form of advertising – which can reach anywhere up to 45,000 people. Paid media has become an essential part of developing effective social strategies. In fact, the top companies on Facebook today use paid media at a constant ratio. To fully unlock the sharing potential on Facebook to increase awareness of my work, it is necessary to use this strategy (“you have to spend money to make money”). 


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